Wild fire warning after camp fire remnants found at Bystock

An area of Bystock Nature Reserve was used for a camp fire or barbecue

An area of Bystock Nature Reserve was used for a camp fire or barbecue - Credit: Devon Wildlife Trust

A plea has been made for people to be ‘wild fire aware’ after remnants of a camp fire or barbecue was found at an Exmouth beauty spot. 

Remains of a barbecue was found still smouldering at the Bystock Nature Reserve on Tuesday (April 20). 

Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT), which owns the site, said the people responsible cut down trees to make the fire. Other trees were found with cut marks on them. 

DWT said Bystock Nature Reserve is a site of special scientific significance and has a ‘very high’ wildlife value and as such holding a camp fire or barbecue there is a ‘reckless act’. 

A spokesman for the trust said: “After a very dry series of weeks, our countryside is parched and very susceptible to wild fires. This is especially true for local heathlands, grasslands and moorlands. 

“The scene that we discovered at our Bystock nature reserve is very concerning.  

“A barbecue or camp fire like this could have easily begun a much larger wild fire, causing risk to the surrounding countryside, to people and to wildlife.  

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“It was a reckless act by people who either didn’t know or didn’t care about the potential of their thoughtless actions. 

“We ask all visitors to our nature reserves and the wider countryside to be wild fire aware.  

“Don’t discard lighted cigarettes and don’t have barbecues or camp fires unless they are in officially designated areas using the equipment provided.”  

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