Drainage fears

I attended last month’s East Devon District Council planning meeting in which the Highcrest project for 67 residences was approved.

There remains considerable local concern regarding the effect this will have, particularly to lower parts of the town.

Following heavy downpours, there is frequent evidence that the existing drainage system struggles to cope.

Sewage seeps on to the higher part of St John’s Road on such occasions and there is a blockage somewhere down-stream of the manhole cover close to the junction with Dean Close. This has been attended to, without cure, on more than one occasion.

In passing the project, the committee announced that South West Water had no objection to the project going ahead.

Well, they wouldn’t would they? The development will present them with another 68 households paying water rates. On that subject, each new house equals more council tax revenue for the EDDC and why not plonk them in Exmouth?

C G Burrett

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6 Humphries Park, Exmouth.

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