Don’t build it

I read your recent article that support has been given to spend �400.000 on a new building in the Exmouth Strand area.

I remember reading in the Journal dated June 17 that the very same building is set to begin in January and is part of the �3 million set aside for the Strand Gardens redevelopement.

Why now, some seven months later, are we reading that this has not yet been agreed. Do I detect that somebody in the council is holding on to this money when in fact the works have been ongoing for months and everything could have been in place to start now?

Further to this, having viewed the area concerned and the space of land left aside for this building, it does not seem big enough for what is proposed and the size of the proposed building for �400,000 seems somewhat expensive.

Put the money to a better use and leave the Strand area open and paved as it now looks much better that way.

Robert Blyth

(via email)

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