Don’t blame us

So, it’s official! Have a miserable Christmas this year and it’s the fault of the pubs in the town centre, according to the new chair of the chamber of trade and commerce, Mr Ian Macqueen. What humbug!

He says that, although his members have maintained their contributions, town centre businesses and the bars, in particular, have contributed nothing, so we could all be celebrating in the dark.

Now, I am sure Mr Macqueen, by virtue of his position, has business acumen and should be aware that, nationally, there are six pubs/bars a day closing due to the current financial climate.

Therefore, cash is not so freely available to splash out, particularly to support a council that is currently about to relaunch its flagship cafe bar plans on The Strand.

I know we all should be grateful that a major competitor is about to be created in our midst, but, hey, some of us are little peeved that our council and East Devon District Council are doing their best to undermine the excellent services that currently exist.

So, come on, Mr Macqueen, if this is a genuine plea for financial support, then walk through our door and ask, because no one has yet.

But do not insult current, hard-working businesses and people in Exmouth at the expense of cosying up to potential bedfellows in the council’s shiny new bar on The Strand.

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Alan Haywood

Franklins, Exmouth.