Don’t allow later opening

As your paper has revealed, Exmouth, of all happy places, abounds in unacceptable behaviour by yob and loutish behaviour.

As your paper has revealed, Exmouth, of all happy places, abounds in unacceptable behaviour by yob and loutish behaviour.

The longer public houses are allowed to stay open (except on high days and feast days, of course), the worse the situation is exacerbated.

That is one reason why I am horrified that Withycombe's Holly Tree hostelry is applying for an extension to its opening hours.

Let me emphasise, I am no kill joy, quite the reverse. I have no objection to them starting their day earlier, but I do object most strongly to their wish to close later. What on earth for? What is their need?

I just cannot believe that, on a regular basis, there is justifiable demand. The vital question is, have they considered the consequences?

Ask the residents of Withycombe Village Road. The police have set up for us a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to try to lessen for us car and property vandalism, drunken behaviour, extreme noise, obscene abuse, excess speeding, and general "singing" and shouting which, between 2300 and 01300, carries far in the stillness of the night.

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It is bad enough having neighbours who do not behave considerately, it is far worse when residents have to choose between small back bedrooms with windows open and front roadside stuffy bedrooms because windows have to be shut to try to keep out behavioural noise.

Most of the above is caused by yobs returning late at night from pubs or nightclubs in town that stay open unnecessarily late. That is when we suffer. That is when they congregate around the bottom of Pound Lane and Fortnum Roads.

I dread to think how much worse it will become if The Holly Tree pub is granted unwanted and undeserved leave to stay open until the small hours.

My advice would be for them to add to their revenue by providing grub in their pub and not more beer, creating a rowdy crowd.

Please all, especially councillors, write a resounding "no thanks" to the Licensing Authority, East Devon District Council, Knowle, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL

Anthony Robinson,

222 Withycombe Village Road,


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