Dogs save man's life

AN ELDERLY man from Exmouth who was trapped in a ditch owes his life to two dogs which came to his rescue.

AN ELDERLY man from Exmouth who was trapped in a ditch owes his life to two dogs which came to his rescue. Police believe the 61-year-old, from Normandy Close, plunged into an area of woodland which is hard to spot. It is not known how long the man was stuck in the ditch - in an area often used by people out walking near Liverton Copse.He was found last Wednesday, May 13, at around 2pm.PC Ian Schofield said: "If those dogs had not found him, it could have been a very different - and sad - story."He added: "If the man had not been rescued, the consequences could have been fatal."From the point of view of passers-by, he was below eye level. It is unlikely that anyone who was walking along would have seen him."Initially, when we received a 999 call, we thought the worst. We later learned he was coming across as though he was confused - we were obviously glad he was alive."The man was stretchered away with the help of two police officers and paramedics and taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.He is believed to still be in the RD & E. A hospital spokesman refused to confirm or deny he was still a patient, saying he was 'unable to obtain patient consent' to release any details.Andrew Selley, of Normandy Close, whose dogs found the elderly man, said he was proud of his pets."If he had been there for, say, half an hour longer, I'm sure he would not have survived. "He appeared as though he had been there quite a while - I would not have spotted him if it wasn't for the dogs."Andrew said he bought his collie and labrador cross-breeds, Skye and Buster, both treats as a reward.PC Ian Schofield added: "The man was stuck and helpless down there. I don't, however, think he had been there overnight because his clothes were dry, but he was very confused."The man who found him was out walking with his dogs - and, as they tend to do, they went roaming around and showed an interest in the ditch."The dogs went over to the edge of the woodland area, started barking, and the poor old man was found. "Dogs are often unsung heroes. It's had a happy ending!