Dog walkers urged to follow Four Paws Code

Julie Owen

Julie Owen - Credit: Devon Loves Dogs

Devon Loves Dogs is a free membership scheme for dog owners across East Devon, Exeter and Teignbridge.

We provide information about dogs, dog walking and in normal times, opportunities to join our free Waggy Walks where you can meet other dog owners and enjoy a walk around our beautiful countryside.

Our aim is to help you get the best experience whilst enjoying the outdoors and making sure that we do our bit to help to look after the wildlife habitats that we’re exploring.

Julie Owen

Julie Owen - Credit: Devon Loves Dogs

We have over 600 members and are still growing into a valued network of dogs and their owners across South East Devon. Last year we celebrated our third birthday.

In East Devon we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to walk our dogs. We have everything from beaches, coastal walks and estuaries to parks, heathland and woodland.

We know that information regarding dogs in the countryside can be patchy and sometimes confusing, so we’ve come up with the Four Paws Code to ensure that dogs can enjoy their walks without coming into conflict with people, wildlife, grazing animals or other dogs.

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Devon Loves Dogs - Credit: Devon Loves Dogs

Do keep your dogs in sight and think of other visitors. Please ask before you let your dog approach other people or dogs, train them not to jump up and to have good recall. In these times of increased dog thefts, the emphasis on keeping your dog in sight at all times is even more important.

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Do prevent your dog from chasing wildlife or grazing animals.

Many of us are using public rights of way across farmland at the moment, it’s lambing season too, so make sure you keep your dog on a lead near livestock.

Do protect nesting and feeding birds on heaths, dunes and wetlands. The ground nesting bird season starts on March 1 and birds can be raising their young really close to the paths on heathland, we can all help these birds to survive by keeping our dogs on the paths and out of the gorse.

Do bag it and bin it... wherever you are. Poo harms the special plants that grow in heathland habitats.

Clearing up after your dog helps to prevent the spread of diseases that can affect dogs, people and grazing animals and helps to keep our towns, villages, countryside and beaches clean for everyone to enjoy.

In normal times, Devon Loves Dogs can be found out and about at local walking hot spots, events and on our free guided Waggy Walks. Until these activities can resume, you can find out more by checking out our website and become a member for free.

You can also keep up to date with all of our dog news by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @DevonLovesDogs

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