Dog rescued from washing machine at Exmouth house

The owners of a Jack Russell pup have spoken about the moment their dog became wedged in a washing machine

A PUPPY was rescued after getting its head stuck in a washing machine at a house in Exmouth.

Molly, a 12-week-old Jack Russell, who belongs to the Bower family, of Thomas Close, became trapped in a hole at the base of the appliance overnight last Wednesday, August 18.

Mum, Claire Bower, entered the kitchen the following morning (on Thursday) and discovered the curious pup with her head wedged in the machine.

Unable to free her waggy-tailed friend, firefighters were then called who used a number of small tools to release Molly. She was unharmed as a result of the incident.

Claire, recalling the drama, said: “I think she must have been there with her head in the machine all night. I tried everything to get her out by putting such as olive oil and butter on her.

“It took about four or five firemen in the end. They were there for about 30 minutes - it was like a military operation.

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“She is a crazy little dog and will probably do something similar again. She’s already been sniffing around near the washing machine once more.

“The first thing she did when let free was to hurtle into the garden for a wee,” Claire joked. “It was a day we will never forget.”

Georgia, Claire’s daughter, thought something strange had happened to Molly overnight because there was no urine on the kitchen floor in the morning.

“We haven’t been letting Molly stay in the living room at night as we’ve just got a new carpet so she sleeps in the kitchen.

“Because she’s still a pup and in the process of being toilet trained, we thought it was weird that there was no wee on the floor. We looked around and then saw her head stuck in the washing machine.

“My mum put all kinds of things onto her to try and get her out but it wasn’t working so we called the fire brigade.

“She was so greasy after it all that she needed a bath straight away.”