Dog mess disgusts me

PUBLISHED: 01:01 31 January 2008 | UPDATED: 08:48 10 June 2010

With reference to my letter of December 20: Graveyard is not for dog walking". There have been many comments expressed by local people, not to me in person, I must add. Anyone offended by those remarks must have an attitude problem. Points made were

With reference to my letter of December 20: "Graveyard is not for dog walking".There have been many comments expressed by local people, not to me in person, I must add. Anyone offended by those remarks must have an attitude problem. Points made were that dogs need to be on leads, because of dogs urinating on the headstones, and that, if dog owners do not use leads, perhaps it's time dogs were banned from such places.The question bothering me is how can anyone be upset by those remarks? I am disappointed to see dog mess. It is disgusting and shows a lack of respect. St Peter's Graveyard is kept to a good standard, no problems there. So, therefore, there is a responsibility to ensure the graveyard is fit for walking. Let's hope this point questions the actions of some people.R McCartney,20 Jocelyn Road, Budleigh Salterton.ASDA PARKING: SOME ANSWERSSo Asda are going to start handing out £60 fines to motorists who misuse the disabled bays at their stores (Journal, January 17). Interesting! To do this would probably mean contracting a car park enforcement company to do the job. Does this mean they will also be looking at targeting shoppers who park at their stores and then leave the site, perhaps to shop elsewhere?This poses the question of who has the car parking rights at the proposed new Asda store on the estuary site. If Asda "own" the car park, will they allow people to park, do their shopping in the store, then leave to do some more shopping in town? Unlikely. This will prevent other Asda shoppers parking as the spaces will become blocked up and they will lose custom. This throws the whole idea out of the window of Asda enticing shoppers to Exmouth town centre.On the other hand, if the council owns the car park it will be "pay and display" - in which case no-one will want to shop at Asda and will continue to go to Tesco for the free parking!Mrs B Calvert,71 Byron Way, Exmouth.SITE TOO FAR FROM CENTREI note from your newspaper that we are on the verge of having yet another supermarket to add to the two we already have. Do we really need more of the same? Is the local authority not being tempted by peripheral goodies offered by a large retailer? The site under consideration is too far from the centre to benefit the local shops to any great extent.Surely what is needed is town centre improvement, which would attract a range of good class retailers. It need not be a large development. An extension to the existing Magnolia Centre would suffice, although this could mean re-siting the present car park. It should not be necessary in a town of this size to have to travel to Exeter to find a little more choice of non-food shops.Richard P WalkerFlat 11, The Firs, 7 Sarlsdown Road, Exmouth.PRINCESSHAY IS A SHOPPING HEAVENI love the new-look Princesshay. Yes, some shops are expensive, but there are many that are not. I am retired, so I shop in the ones I can afford but, if I was still working, I would love to shop in them all. Many of the expensive shops have had fantastic sales this January, with up to 70 per cent off, so bargains can be had, even on a pension.The only mistake I think is the amount of clothing shops. I would have liked to have seen a few gift shops that sold good quality china and gifts etc. But, on the whole, I am very pleased with Princesshay and visit it once a week to meet up with friends who live in Exeter.We lunch in one of the many fabulous restaurants and walk around the shops, sometimes buying or just looking - heaven.Alas, I will be too old to shop by the time Exmouth has any decent shops to match.Mrs Joan Prowse,8 Scott Drive, Exmouth.PRIORITY IS TO SECURE ROLLEAs someone visiting Exeter, usually once a week, my impression of Princesshay is, as Mr Sherry says (Exmouth Journal, January 10), "extremely stylish" and offers consumers a new shopping experience. But only if you can afford the prices. I suspect many curious people will walk through it like many shopping malls and some will shop here. But others will move to those areas that they know best which suit their pocket.Mr Sherry's article "shops must find niche to survive Princesshay" raises some very pertinent questions around the statement "towns and the district have got to be branded". In a week when some of the best brands in the UK, (including M&S), saw their share price take a downturn due to a fall in retail trade because of total dysfunction in the financial markets, what has branding got to do with it?Exmouth, and East Devon come to that, doesn't need branding and has never ridden on Exeter's coat tails. They are just a part of Devon's outstandingly beautiful areas where people come to visit time and time again as tourists - an important part of a town's economy.What a waste of public money to pull down a perfectly good swimming pool and sports centre, where thousands of pounds have, and are, being spent just to build a 40,000 sq ft food warehouse with the name ASDA written on it, turning the middle of Exmouth into a 24-hour economy, with all that means.If we cannot stop building on the estuary side, which the residents of Exmouth have requested four times, what can be saved from development, and are the residents' views ever going to be taken notice of?The question to ask is are we going to allow the corporate and commercial sector to dictate planning policy in Exmouth and help to destroy our green and open spaces with very little in return, except the opportunity to buy their goods.I agree with Councillor Ingham that the London Inn car park is a much better choice, located within the town itself, closer to existing shops and more convenient for people. The Magnolia Centre is the middle of town - not the estuary. Another 40,000 sq ft store the size of Tesco is far too big and will have a serious impact on traders in this town. It needs to be a much smaller format. There does need to be a much better strategy regarding town development than what is being offered to Exmouth residents by East Devon District Council accepting the ASM plan.Building an ASDA on the estuary side is not a priority, with all the destruction and upheaval it will cause. The priority for Exmouth is to secure funding for the proposal to use Rolle College campus for the further educational needs of the children now in Exmouth's primary schools, soon to join secondary education, and hopefully be given the opportunity to go on further. We also need it to offer adults skills development so they can move into other areas of employment to improve their financial status and not end up in a dead end job.Mrs M J Loman,20 Travershes Close, Exmouth.THE MEDIA SEEMS TOTALLY ABSORBEDAm I alone in deploring the media's total absorption with football and the long-deceased Princess of Wales?David Owen,2 Portland Court, Exmouth.EXMOUTH WEBCAM IS ONE OF THE BESTI have been a member of the Exmouth Webcam forums for a couple of months and I look at the webcam every day. I have to say that this is one of the very best webcams I have ever seen. I live in Sutton, Surrey, and this is the closest I can can get to being by the sea every day. The forums are wonderful and are really well monitored by forum members and the administration team, and so provide us all with a safe and fun place to meet, chat and make friends.Exmouth is a beautiful place that I discovered by chance while looking at other seaside webcams, including the Plymouth Webcam, but none compares to the high standard and quality that we get on this one. The scenery changes every day with the weather and there is always something different to look at. I have taken many pictures from the web cam - some of beautiful sunsets, ships going by and now mountainous seas. I am truly grateful to the people who run this webcam and forum. Through it I have made some wonderful friends around the globe, many of whom lived in Exmouth. Long may it last and thank you to Soundandsafe for bringing us such a wonderful free service.Helen, of Sutton, Surrey, (via email).

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