Does it appeal?

Subject: Iconic view of the Strand redevelopment

As an Exmouth resident, I have seen many artist impressions of the ‘Iconic building’ that is apparently going to complete the Strand gardens ‘metamorphisis’ after its period of redevelopment.

Unfortunately, none have incorporated some of the existing awful shop front signage, including the pavement display outside Aladdin’s Cave.

Why bother redeveloping to attract more tourists into town if a small minority of shop and fast food outlet owners (who will benefit in the long term) don’t seem to share the town council view? Large numbers of tourists visit Devon Cliffs holiday camp each year but I can’t imagine they would leave the cafes and bars to travel into town for its natural beauty at this time.

Large amounts of money spent in an area will help but won’t make it attractive and aesthetically appealling.

Redevelopment only really works if the whole area is improved, half measures never work.

The next time you walk around town and the Strand gardens, look around and ask “is this really going to draw in the crowds?”

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Hopefully I will be mistaken but then only time will tell.

To quote Tom Peters (famous business teacher): “Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures.”

Mr Darren Kenny

(via email)