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PUBLISHED: 01:01 13 March 2008 | UPDATED: 08:53 10 June 2010

REGARDING your front page article of the Budleigh Journal about a bid to ban dogs from The Green, Budleigh Salterton. At the council meeting on February 25, I stated that while I agree there are many responsible dog owners in Budleigh Salterton, there

REGARDING your front page article of the Budleigh Journal about a bid to ban dogs from The Green, Budleigh Salterton.At the council meeting on February 25, I stated 'that while I agree there are many responsible dog owners in Budleigh Salterton, there are also some very irresponsible dog owners'. I have owned dogs for the past 35 years and I own one now so I am not 'anti-dog' - I am very much 'anti irresponsible dog owners'. Cleaning up after your dog is not a pleasant chore, but it is an essential one. Budleigh Salterton is being plagued at the moment by dog mess - on the beach, along the river, even down the High Street and, particularly, on The Green.My youngest grandson had mess on his shoes and his jeans after a game of football on The Green! This situation is totally unacceptable. It's unfortunate that a minority of dog owners are causing this problem and getting all dog owners a bad name. Children can get a very nasty disease, causing blindness, from dog mess and, with the better weather and school holidays approaching, The Green will be used daily.Unfortunately, we rarely see a dog warden in Budleigh Salterton these days. Should we require one, they come from as far away as Teignmouth! We have a beautiful town with lots of lovely walks, all being spoilt by the presence of dog mess.So I appeal to all dog owners: clean up after your dog and keep Budleigh Salterton safe and clean for everyone. Caz Sismore-Hunt,Budleigh Salterton. RIGHT TO EXPECT GOOD SLEEPPerhaps the person who wrote in support of campervans using the seafront at Budleigh Salterton for overnight parking would be happy to have these large, noisy vehicles park outside their own house. East Devon District Council's website states: "We consider that our residents can reasonably expect: to enjoy a night's sleep undisturbed by noise." The noise complained about is the running of generators through the evening and night. Using the roadside for overnight parking is a cheap way of holidaying, but makes no contribution to the local economy. It also shows no respect for the residents of the area in which they park up. Our seafront should be enjoyed by all without disturbance by a minority. Budleigh Salterton resident,(via email).WHY I RESIGNED FROM TORY PARTYI have sympathy with Mr Charles Holmes, a Budleigh Salterton pensioner to whom you refer in the February 21 issue of the Budleigh Journal, as it seems the leader of the district council, Sara Randall Johnson, seems to make a practice of not replying to letters if she doesn't wish to, irrespective of the discourtesy to her correspondents. I wrote to her on October 4, 2002, about regional assemblies, in response to an article by her in LINK, the newsletter of East Devon Conservative Association, in which she was decrying this policy of the European Union and planned by John Prescott for imposition on us by the Labour Government. I implied my agreement with her article and asked her if she could advise me on the Conservative Party's policy on this controversial issue. No reply was received, so on November 23, 2002, I wrote again. Still no reply, so I wrote a third time on February 1, 2003, but still no reply. Consequently, I resigned from the Conservative Party after about 60 years' membership, all because of the apparent intransigence of Ms Randall Johnson.Maurice A Hillebrandt MBE,2 Stoneyford Park, Budleigh Salterton.A CHANCE TO EXPRESS VIEWSFor 23 years, from 1974, Exmouth had no town council - we were only a sub-group of East Devon District Council. After 23 years of disenfranchisement and lobbying by Exmouth citizens, the town in 1996 was granted a 'parish or town council'. The new status brought a statutory duty for an annual town meeting (for citizens) to be convened by the town council. This year it will take place on March 17 at 7.30pm at the Town Hall. (It is rarely well advertised.) This is a meeting for citizens to express their views - in the presence of councillors. Hopefully, there will be plenty of dialogue between citizens, with councillors included, so that we can share our thoughts, and gain confidence in local cohesion.The opportunities for any real dialogue between community groups and councillors appear to be as scarce as dragons' teeth. If ever there was a need for everyone to share thoughts - in the best spirit of goodwill - it is surely now? Why the hesitancy?Ann Prior's letter (Journal, February 28) describes the 'Keep it Green' era (1989?). On that occasion citizens' feelings were expressed strongly at the Pavilion, and caused an immediate about-turn in council policy. The present situation re the ASM1 Proposal (size, location etc) is equally fraught. At this moment, community groups have much that is positive and responsible - to present to the councils - in place of any simplistic 'no!' Of course, impromptu random comments in the street about such things as regeneration are important. This does not disqualify the considerable body of work done on a systematic basis, sometimes by a large number of people - over time - to:l share ideas in depthl do research into different aspects and optionsl look at integration of the various regenerators, eg national cycle network, visitor centrel find out what can be agreed to by others etc. To say that 'there are too many groups', therefore they can't be listened to, is unacceptable. Not to have all-round dialogue - after so many years/decades of effort - is excruciating. To comply with Government recommendation for community involvement, it will surely be essential for community groups to be properly represented on the new body to replace the Joint Forum? See you at the Town Hall on March 17.Jan Pawson, 1 Greenacre, 5 Isca Road,Exmouth. PRAISE FOR THE HALDON SURGERYI am writing to express my gratitude to the Haldon House Surgery and Dr S Kay personally. I have recently returned from a holiday with my family at the Devon Cliffs Holiday Park. While there, I had an unfortunate accident and injured my back. The reception at Devon Cliffs supplied me with the contact number for Haldon House and, at 4pm on Monday afternoon, my wife rang and asked if I could see a doctor or receive some advice. At 4.30pm, Dr Kay rang back and spoke to me, explaining what he thought I had done and arranged a prescription at the local Tesco store. He also arranged a surgery appointment for the day after at 11am, when he manipulated my back, which meant I could then enjoy the rest of my holiday. I can honestly say that my own practitioner does not offer this kind of professional and efficient service. In a situation where you are hundreds of miles from home, this was very much appreciated. I would like to again pass on my thanks to everyone at Haldon House Surgery.Wayne Bland,5 Ferguson Way, Oldham.QUIET MIND CENTRE CAREI have recently discovered The Quiet Mind Centre in Hartley Road, Exmouth.This admirable institution brings a wide range of therapies to those who cannot afford to avail themselves of them on the open market.A large number of self-employed, professionally qualified therapists volunteer their services free. The only charge is £5 for the use of the spacious and well-appointed premises.This makes it possible for those who cannot afford treatments not offered by the NHS, or those who have a very lengthy waiting time, to be treated more or less immediately. An example of the latter is counselling, where a waiting time of months in the NHS is not uncommon.Although The Quiet Mind has been functioning for some years, there may well be others out there who, like me, have not heard of it.Roger Johnson,43 Capel Lane, Exmouth.THINK OF THE POOR BUS DRIVERREGARDING the thought that 'a bus driver's job is not a happy one'. Never mind blaming the poor bus driver all of the time, for passengers - without knowing it - actually contribute to drivers becoming moody and depressed.The bell rings on the bus to alert the driver to stop at the next bus stop, it then rings again and again; this seems to continue for each passenger who wants to alight the bus at the next stop. Regardless of the illuminated sign on board stating quite clearly 'Bus Stopping' and the driver already aware of this, why do passengers continue to ring the bell when someone else has already done this? Oh, those poor bus drivers!Why do some passengers who use the bus regularly ring the bell for the bus to stop at the bus station where the journey ends or has to stop anyway? The actions of some passengers are unbelievable, especially some who board the bus with a walking stick and get off the bus, leaving their walking aid behind, or those who, despite it pouring with rain, alight the bus without their umbrella? As they say, 'there's none so queer as folk'! Oh, those poor bus drivers!Passengers often request 'a single, please'. At this point both driver and passenger enter into blankness, due to the fact that the passenger has not stated their intended destination and believe the bus driver to also be a mind-reader who should know where they want to go! Oh those poor bus drivers!It does not finish here, for when passengers state their destination and the driver requests their fare, some passenger's remark, "Oh, I have a pass". When the driver requests sight of the pass, they often believe the driver to be awkward, for they use their pass on the bus daily and, by now, they believe the driver should know they have a pass without having to request sight of it. Oh, those poor bus drivers!How about passengers who stand at bus stops awaiting their bus, who request another bus to stop, just to gain the time of another bus service. All the time they have been waiting they could have gained this information from timetables on display in the shelter. Oh, those poor bus drivers!It's incredible when passengers who have been waiting for a considerable length time for their bus who, when the bus arrives, they have the cheek and audacity to chew off the bus driver's head with "Where have you been till now, why are you running late? Having told the driver where they want to go, they then, and only then, begin to fumble for their pass or coinage to pay their fare. They could have got their fare/pass ready for issue while they were waiting for the bus to arrive. (Perhaps that's just why the bus was running late to begin with?) Oh, those poor bus drivers!And finally, when the bus driver gets his or her wage slip and sees all the hours they have had to take all this grief and the reports made about them, then see all the tax they have paid from their hard-earned wages. Is this not the reason why they appear to be moody? Oh, those poor bus drivers!Roy Richardson,4 Greenhill Avenue, Exmouth.

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