District Council

So East Devon District Council is to consult us on their plans to build another 3,000 homes and provide hundreds of jobs in Exmouth.

Is this why I am led to understand the council has quietly bought out the covenants for the seafront? Is this so that its plans previously published as the Unlocking of Exmouth document can be pushed through, despite the opposition to those plans that were withdrawn by the leader of the council with a statement they were no longer promoting the scheme?

If there are any members of the public who are still thinking that EDDC is a concerned and thoughtful council, then I would be very surprised, although I admit the old Tory faithful will give any scheme their backing, even if it is not really a benefit for the town.

In my opinion, EDDC is a poor council, despite the efforts to persuade us otherwise. I would argue it is not a caring and trustworthy organisation as it would like us all to believe.

The council’s main aim seems to be to look after itself and its supporters, who are mainly the developers they so fondly and strongly support by giving them opportunities to buy public land at what appear beneficial rates.

Ron Roberts.

10 Littlemead Lane, Exmouth.