Regarding Councillor Tim Wood’s interview reported in your newspaper last week.

I am amazed that one of East Devon’s district councillors has gone public with his views on the Exmouth Master Plan while it is still in the consultation process. By doing this, Councillor Wood has, in my view, stated his intent to vote for the plan, despite whatever may come from the consultation process.

Councillor Wood has surely disqualified himself from being allowed to attend any meetings where this Master Plan is to be discussed and a vote taken on the question of either its approval or implementation.

By going public, I refer to the interview that he had with David Beasley and which is the subject of the feature on page nine of the Exmouth Journal dated August 4

I am in no way attempting to make a statement about my views on the Master Plan at this time, as I am intent on reserving that until after I have responded to the council in the prescribed manner.

Ron Roberts

10 Littlemead Lane, Exmouth.