Discuss Brixington’s issues with police

The Brixington police team are keen to meet local residents to discuss the area’s needs.

Brixington residents are invited to meet face-to-face with the police to discuss any issues or concerns about the area.

The police are warning the surgery service could be lost if it is not adequately used.

Police community support officer Chris Ball will be at Brixington Parade shops on Wednesday November 30, from 10am until noon.

He said the police surgery was an ideal opportunity for the public to informally meet their local officer.

PCSO Ball said: “This is an ideal chance for the community to bring up any issues or concerns that they may have.

“It is through the people of Brixington responding and utilising this valuable resource, and giving a little time to their local police that makes it a success. “Without any input from the community the privilege of holding such surgeries would disappear, and the community would lose this contact.

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“You don’t have to share anything big with us, just an overview of how you feel about the Brixington area, where you live and any thoughts on how you feel about how Brixington is or isn’t policed.”

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