Disabled residents angry at recycling changes

Disbaled resident living in Exmouth’s Colony are concerned the district council’s new kerbside waste collection service will prove hazardous to wheelchair users, young mums and those with sight problems. EDDC said fixed penalty notices would be issued to those causing obstructions.

From October 14, East Devon District Council is changing the way it collects waste and recycling in Exmouth – introducing a new kerbside collection.

Many disabled residents living in The Colony say kerbside collections, coupled with narrow pavements, will prove hazardous to wheelchair users and those with sight problem – but claim their concerns are falling on deaf ears.

Wheelchair user Ann Prior, 71, of Egremont Road, said pensioners, disabled people and young mums would be all affected. She believed many would struggle to carry heavy recycling to the front of their homes – while others faced problems navigating around recycling boxes left on pavements.

Ann said EDDC should have consulted people before making a decision. District council roadshows, starting on September 4 at Tesco, Salterton Road - showcasing the changes - were too little, too late.

She said: “Everybody is asking questions. It’s going to be utter chaos. Folk are so upset. They don’t know how they will get their bins to the kerbside, or how they will negotiate all those bins.

“My particular personal concern is the sheer volume of boxes involved and the fact that my power wheelchair must not be used on the highway.”

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A 42-year-old partially-sighted Rosebery Road resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It will make walking along a little bit more stressful. I don’t like being stuck out in the road. I like to hug the wall. It’s not just me, it is people with buggies, prams and wheelchairs.”

EDDC said areas unable to accommodate bins would be offered a gull-proof sack instead. A spokesman said: “Consideration will have been made regarding people using mobility aids and other people, such as those with pushchairs.”

•l EDDC’s recycling exhibition will be held in Exmouth on September 4, at Tesco, Salterton Road, the Magnolia Centre, on September 8, and Brixington the following day.

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