Rewilding in Devon - a talk in Exmouth by a director of Devon Wildlife Trust

A pine marten, one of the animals being reintroduced in some areas of England and Wales. Picture: Ma

A pine marten, one of the animals being reintroduced in some areas of England and Wales. Picture: Mark Hamblen - Credit: Archant

Rewilding is a much-used term and very much on-trend, but what does it really mean, and what are its implications for Devon?

The Devon Wildlife Trust's director of conservation and development, Pete Burgess, will give a talk on this issue to the Exmouth Local Group on Monday, March 9, and the event is open to the public.

Discussion on how to tackle the climate crisis is widespread. Wilding land, and allowing space for natural processes, will play a major role in reversing climate change.

Pete will look at the exciting opportunities for making Devon wilder. He will talk about beavers building dams, and rivers given space to flow naturally throughout the floodplain, alive with insects, amphibians and fish, and bordered by meadows which provide further wildlife habitats.

There are landscapes like this where nature and people have formed vibrant and colourful coalitions. These are exciting, inspirational places where nature is given room to breathe, to shape the land and all it contains. Pete will talk about where these landscapes are, and what this rewilding has brought to the local people and the countryside.

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Learn more on Monday, March 9, at 7.30pm in Glenorchy Hall, Exeter Road, Exmouth EX8 1PL. Admission £3 includes tea or coffee and biscuits.

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