Recognition and commitment to care providers and their staff

Care providers and their staff have been recognised

Care providers and their staff have been recognised - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Devon care providers and their staff have been thanked for their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The county council’s chief officer for adult health and social care Jennie Stephens has also reaffirmed the authorities’ continuing support. 

She said: “As we reflect on the year since the first lockdown in response to the pandemic, I’d like to pay tribute to all those involved in providing adult social care services in Devon, especially those working in care homes – and delivering care in people’s homes – who have done everything they can to keep residents safe and enjoying the best quality of life they can in the circumstances. 

“The number of infections and active outbreaks in Devon is currently as low as last September.  

The county council say a ‘significant’ majority of care home settings are currently infection free and opening safely to visitors, with staff and residents looking forward to some fresh air and sunshine. 

The take-up of vaccine by care home residents and adult social care staff in Devon has been comparatively very high, and for those not yet vaccinated it is the biggest step each of us can take to more normal times.  

A spokesman for the county council said: “Vaccination offers a good level of protection against serious disease but is not failsafe, and it is important we all maintain good practice in infection prevention and control in our working and home lives.  

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“If you still have concerns, we can offer informed advice We will continue to work with public health and NHS colleagues to give those who deliver care the best support and advice we can. 

“Learning has continued throughout the pandemic and care homes have co-led the development and sharing of best practices.  

“We have witnessed a great coming together of all across the health and care system working in the common purpose of responding to this pandemic.  

“Our adult social care providers, their managers and staff have been, and will continue to be, key contributors to this great effort with their skills, determination and dedication.  

“We must endeavour to maintain this spirit of collaboration as we look forward to building a better future together.” 

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