Devon and Cornwall police announce crime reduction

Devon and Cornwall police has reported a reduction in crime, saying the majority of the community believes the force is tackling issues that matter.

Home Office figures released today show further reductions in total recorded crime.

In the 12 months leading up to June 2011, Devon and Cornwall police recorded a five percent decrease in total crime when compared to the same period last year. This decrease exceeds the four per cent reduction in the south west region as well as the national figure of a four per cent drop.

The force is also ranked fifth in the country in terms of attitudes to policing with 64 per cent of those surveyed agreeing Devon and Cornwall police deal with issues which matter.

In terms of recorded crime rates per 1,000 population, Devon and Cornwall police recorded 51 crimes, compared to 61 in the south west region and 75 in England and Wales.

In the majority of areas, Devon and Cornwall figures fell by more than regional and national comparisons.

Burglary has decreased by six per cent in the last 12 months – this incorporates house burglaries reduced by three per cent and other burglaries down by eight per cent..

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Robbery also shows a four per cent decrease on the previous year with Devon and Cornwall now having the 4th lowest number of robberies recorded per 1,000 population in England and Wales.

Reductions in reported crime in other areas include offences against vehicles, (such as theft of and from vehicles) which saw a drop of 10 per cent, a decrease in criminal damage offences by 11 per cent as well as a 17 per cent drop in fraud and forgery offences.

There has been no significant change is violence against the person (marginal fall 0.4 per cent) or other theft offences.

Sexual offences reflect a one per cent increase in the number of reported and recorded crimes when compare to a fall nationally and regionally of one per cent.. This is likely to be down to an increase in reporting around domestic violence incidents and reflects a heightened awareness of offences and the work carried out with staff and partners encouraging confidence of victims to come forward.

Recorded drugs offences also show a four per cent increase. The increase is attributed to more proactive operations in Devon and Cornwall, which target dealers and users.

Deputy Chief Constable, Shaun Sawyer, said: “Our communities know that we cannot escape the financial cuts affecting the country. As a force, however, we are committed to keeping Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly safe places to be and will always strive to meet the high standards our communities quite rightly expect.

“I am delighted these figures show, once again, how our efforts are continuing to ensure crime falls within the two counties.

“I would like to thank our officers, staff and partners who have all worked together to help achieve these positive results.”

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