Details disgrace

PUBLISHED: 07:00 16 May 2014

Apparently the Government is gearing up to sell our tax details - yes, everything - to the highest bidder!

I received a message detailing these plans today from 38 Degrees, a campaigning website which looks after the interests of all of us whatever our political persuasion, colour or creed, and some very good work they have done too.

Here’s a copy of the letter I wrote to complain about this idiotic idea... I hope your readers will come on board and complain too!

My personal information is just what it says it is! It is mine, not yours, or anybody’s to do with as they please.

You, the Government, do not have my permission to disclose ANYTHING about me without my prior written permission... I am sick to the back teeth with unsolicited garbage which arrives via mail, email, phone and also to my undisclosed mobile number.

I hope this is plain and clear to you.

I did NOT vote the Tories into government, neither did the majority of the population. You therefore do not have a mandate to sell my personal details to the highest bidder (or to any bidder).

Mike Fairclough

(via email)

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