Democracy plea

In his infinite wisdom, the Chief Executive of East Devon District Council, Mark Williams, has yet again rejected calls for a Parish Referendum on the Strand Pavilion building on the grounds it has nothing to do with parish affairs.

Alleged other brilliantly credible reasons for not having a poll include:

1. You can’t have a poll on days that

end in a Y.

2. Any decision about Exmouth must be made outside of Exmouth.

3. The seagulls have already approved the ‘all-glass’ pavilion.

4. The building might take off at any time back to the planet it originated from so, technically, we would have to ask the aliens for a poll.

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Are we are not worthy of democratic thought? I mean, the idea that we could be in control of what happens in our own town by election is just crazy.

Thank goodness for the council. Where would we all be without them?

Richard Benford

(via email).