Exmouth declutter guru on how she’s adapted her business during coronavirus crisis.

Jasmine Sleigh (left) donating itesm to charity. Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Jasmine Sleigh (left) donating itesm to charity. Devon Air Ambulance Trust - Credit: Devon Air Ambulance Trust

A downsizing and declutter specialist from Exmouth has spoken of how she adapted her business during the coronavirus lockdown.

Jasmine Sleigh, of Change Your Space, has launched a free resource on her website to get people ‘started on their sorting journey’ while they are confined to their homes during the Covid-19 lockdown.

She has also included her hoarding handbook which may be of use to agencies wanting to support those whose homes have become ‘dangerously’ full.

Jasmine said much of her business relies on her being in the same room as her clients, so she has had to adapt.

“My service is based on trust, so if this is the start of people having confidence in my advice and they see positive outcomes, then they may wish to recommend my services to others,” she said.

Change Your Space was launched in 2013 when Jasmine noticed a need within her own family to have independent support in downsizing and adapting homes for changing needs.

Since then, she helped retirement villages to prepare homes for sale, and assisted people to plan their rooms and settle into new apartments as well as offering hoarding clear-out advice for public bodies.

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Jasmine said: “In the one area of our work we have generated thousands of pounds for Exmouth charities with furniture and bric-a-brac donations.

“In all cases we are involved in people being settled and happier in their homes.”

For businesses forced to close during the lockdown, she said they should focus on what can be delivered through websites or social media and stay in touch with existing clients.

She added: “Make yourself available so that people feel they can ask questions without obligation, as this may be a good time to build new relationships.

“Take a breather and spend time with those you love and care for – on the phone, or at home.

“Business owners can find they spend a lot of their time thinking about the business, and something like this does help us see the balance in life.

“I have been sorting the Lego with my son, but also playing with it with him for the first time in a long time.”

Visit https://www.changeyourspace.co.uk/ for more information about Jasmine’s business.