Cycle disaster

OH, great! I see on the front page of the Exmouth Journal, March 17, we are going to have more idiots on bikes in this town. Only this week, I was told by an adult biker, cycling UP Albion Hill, against the one-way system, that “It did not count for bikes”.

We have to put up with cyclists on the pavement, not taking any notice of pelican or traffic lights, cycling along Maer Walk (which holds a �50 fine), as does cycling along Pavilion Walk.

You say “Major coup” in your headline, I say “Major disaster”.

It is about time the town council used their powers and stopped this blatant flaunting of the law and, at the same time, collect some much-needed revenue in fines.

Barry Marshall

(via email).

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr Marshall refers to an article saying the Tour of Britain is expected to visit Exmouth this summer.

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