Cuddly critters could be fundraisers

An Exmouth mother is planning to help primary schools raise funds using their unwanted old uniforms.

Ruth Douglas has created Keepsake Critters – a range of cuddly animal toys made from old clothes.

Ruth originally designed the toys to sell to families as their children grew up, turning their old clothes into animal mementos, but has now created School Owls, a design which uses old school uniforms to create customised toys which could be sold by school PTAs to raise funds.

Ruth said: “Most uniforms have a cardigan or jumper with the school logo embroidered on it.

“I take the clothes and create a funky owl that displays the school logo on his tummy (pictured above).

“I’d really like to get involved with the local schools, and for School Owl to become a way to fund-raise through PTAs to help support our schools and the local community.”

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