Crowds gather for Exmouth street party

HIGH-spirited residents enjoyed a street party in The Colony.

Crowds of people gathered outside their homes, socialising with neighbours, had a drink and bite to eat together and were entertained with music at the event to mark the centenary of Egremont Road last weekend.

Eileen Wragg, Devon County Councillor for Exmouth, was invited to the party by residents as thanks for her paying costs to close the street.

She said: “As people were preparing for the event, some were getting a bit worried about how they would pay for the road closure. I was more than happy to pay out of my county council budget.

“It was a thoroughly enjoyable event. I think it is marvellous, getting the community together in this way. There was a great neighbourly feeling going on.”

Eileen, a former mayor of Exmouth, used to live in a property in Egremont Road as a child.

“There are so many positives to this kind of party. They encourage respect between people, reduce social disorder if there is any, and they get people talking to one another,” she said.

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Colony resident Hayley Stuart helped raise funds for the street party.

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