Members of the public are being warned of a scam that promises to quickly deliver them their council tax rebate.

The £150 rebate, which is aimed to help people with the cost of living crisis, is currently being processed by local councils.

Those who are getting the payment are due to begin receiving it this month.

But as people wait, scammers are exploiting people by posing as council staff and promising to send people money immediately.

The scam comes in the form of a phone call, attempting to obtain personal financial information such as card details or bank information.

Some local councils and charities are warning people of the scam.

On its website, charity Age UK said: "We have become aware of a scam phone calls and an email circulating, concerning the £150 Council Tax rebate recently announced by the Chancellor.

"People are being asked to give their bank details to receive the rebate.

"Local councils say they would never cold call or email and ask for your bank details to make the payment.

"Do not give out your details."

Citizens Advice has an online scam helper which can provide advice that is specific and helpful to your situation.

You can also call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline via 0808 223 1133 to report suspected scams.