Creme de l Creme

Shoppers in the town will realise by now that Exmouth has another Beacon that shines out on the corner of Albion Street and Chapel Street.

It is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave crammed full of many sparkling delights. After dark, it looks like an ocean liner lit overall at anchor to be viewed internally in awe.

Have you guessed by now? If so, have you the Tempus to step inside the jeweller? You will be welcomed most warmly by the staff.

You will be amazed at the range of gifts, from a piece of priceless jewellery to a charming affordable gift fit for any Christmas stocking.

It is no wonder that this jewel of outstanding beauty has won an award for excellence, very much adding to the glory of Exmouth’s range of shops.

But now I shall tell you something else that really is la Creme de la Creme. Where is the best place to savour a bone-china cup of the best coffee ever if you are deserving? You’re right! Right there in Tempus.

As soon as he arrives each morning, the first thing that Adrian Boase does is to mix a magical selection of his coffee beans to be ground ready for a cup of perfection for those who deserve the kind offer.

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So, I would recommend that no time, sorry tempus, be lost to go exploring this magical cave of Adrian’s, sorry Aladdin’s.

Anthony Robinson,

222 Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth.