Court fines pub brawl pair


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Tyrone Hodge, from Littleham, and Lee Johnson, from Brixington, were fined after admitting their part in a pub brawl

A pair of after hour drinkers from Exmouth have been fined after they got involved in a brawl which left a victim face down in a pool of his own blood.

Exeter Crown Court heard how Tyrone Hodge, from Littleham, and Lee Johnson, from Brixington, had been involved in banter with another group of men in the Saddlers Arms at Lympstone but went outside for a fight when the atmosphere turned nasty.

A taxi driver who pulled up at the pub saw them among a group, attacking a fellow customer who was kicked and punched.

Hodge, aged 26, of The Green, Exmouth, and Johnson, aged 26, of Palm Close, Exmouth, both admitted affray and were each fined £250 with £250 costs by Judge Graham Cottle.

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The Judge told them: “I note you have both shied away from these sorts of situations since this incident and do not go to bars or clubs where this type of deeply unpleasant violence might break out.

“Neither of you have criminal records and you are both working hard. You have both learned from the experience of being in the criminal justice system.”

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Miss Emmi Wilson, prosecuting, said the brawl happened outside the Saddlers Arms on the night of February 7, 2015 when the victim, Nick Field, had been making sarcastic remarks to a group of men including the two defendants.

Miss Wilson said: “Mr Field left the pub and described being pushed and kicked to the ground where there was further kicking and punching.

“A taxi driver described seeing him being held by one man and punched by another. The injuries were relatively minor. He suffered swelling and soreness and a cut lip.”

Miss Emily Cook, for Johnson, said he had recently started his own business. He is deeply ashamed of what he did and played a lesser role in the violence.

Hodge, who was not represented, said he was sorry. He said he was working fitting decking for caravans and could pay a financial penalty.

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