Couple’s charity plunge raises �4,000

A Woodbury couple have completed their charity skydive - and raised around �4,000.

Alan Rockey, 49, and his wife Tracey, 44, decided to take on the challenge after Tracey spent two years battling breast cancer.

The couple, who live in Fulford Way, decided to jump to raise money for FORCE cancer charity, which supported her during her treatment, and Rainbow Living, which works with young people in Exeter.

They had to wait longer than expected to jump as bad weather saw the original date being postponed, however, they eventually managed to take the plunge.

Alan, an engineer for South West Water, said: “It was brilliant. From my point of view it was a fantastic experience, although Tracey wasn’t so keen on it.

“Falling for two miles was for me exhilarating – it just didn’t last long enough, and I was glad we went from 15,000 feet rather than 10,000 feet otherwise it would have been over far too quickly.

“I’d definitely be up for doing it again, but Tracey said once was enough.

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“To have raised around �4,000 is absolutely fantastic – I was very impressed that we managed to get that much.”