Couple planning disabled guide to Japan

AN Exmouth couple are trying to fund a guidebook for disabled people who want to visit Japan

AN Exmouth couple hope that if a guidebook they want to write for disabled people who want to visit Japan is successful, some of the proceeds can go to the tsunami appeal.

Amanda Martin, 46, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, and her husband Nigel, 42, fell in love with Japan following a holiday to the country sponsored by local charity Dream-A-Way.

After their trip, the couple, who have three children, wrote to the Japanese Embassy to say that, while they enjoyed their holiday, they felt there could have been more information for disabled people.

Following this letter the Japanese National Tourist Organisation offered them the chance to return to Japan and write a guidebook.

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However, before they can go, the couple, who live in Frazer Road, need to find a publisher for the book and also sponsors to pay for equipment.

Mr Martin said: “For us to be able to do this would give my wife the opportunity to turn her illness into a positive element and show people with disabilities what a wonderful place Japan is and what it has to offer.

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“We hope to show you can travel further afield than maybe some people normally would to explore new cultures and experience new things.”

The couple were inspired to promote Japan as a disabled holiday destination by the reaction they received from the Japanese people.

Mr Martin said: “For us, the people over there treat my wife so differently to people over here. They wouldn’t shut the door in your face.

“We found that people over there were very interested in my wife’s condition. It’s an uplifting experience because they think of you as a person.”

Mr Martin admits that the recent earthquake and tsunami may delay the couple’s plans, but he says the disaster has only made them more determined to write the book.

“We may need to wait until things have calmed back down, but after the recent disaster, you can, hopefully, see the kind of people who have inspired us to want to write this book.

“If things go well, we hope to arrange for a percentage of the book’s profits to go towards the Japanese Red Cross to help towards the rebuild after the destruction the earthquake and tsunami caused.”

Anyone who can help with sponsorship can contact the couple at

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