Council offers aid in Colony rubbish row

Changes to rubbish collections in the Colony have led to waste blowing in the street, obstructions on pavements and inconvenience for residents, according to campaigners.

They say that sacks supplied to some homes to carry rubbish are inadequate, and often break, causing waste to be strewn across pavements.

They also say that, since East Devon District Council stopped collecting rubbish from rear service lanes last year, pavements have been obstructed, and residents have had to carry heavy rubbish through their houses, or right around the end of the service lanes to the street.

However, the council insists that the rubbish sacks are up to the job, and says it will assist any residents who struggle to move rubbish.

Louise Hockings-Thompson, of Egremont Road and Exmouth Tidy Group, has taken the pictures seen here to highlight what she says is the failure of the green rubbish sacks.

She said: “These pictures were taken on a sunny day with no wind, so you can imagine on a windy day how much rubbish actually flies around.

“The green sacks, although they hold more waste, are inappropriate as bags blow around the streets, and seagulls can feast on ripping bags open.”

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Louise also says that, since rubbish collections from service lanes were stopped, the situation has got worse.

“A lot of the houses don’t have front gardens, so rubbish to be collected from the road has to be taken through the house, or round from the back service lane.

“The paths can be very narrow, so it can cause problems for buggies or wheelchairs, and for elderly residents to carry big sacks or wheelie bins around is a lot for them to cope with.

“The service lanes should be used as such – the council should collect litter out the back, in wheelie bins rather than sacks.”

Responding to residents’ complaints, a council spokesperson said: “We are not aware of the gull-proof sacks being broken. It’s more likely that the contents spill out if the sacks are over-filled.

“This may be a question of educating residents to recycle more items and send less to landfill.

“We will be happy to provide a gull-proof sack to any residents who find that wheeling bins through or round their homes is not feasible.

“In the case of elderly residents, who are unable to lift or carry such items, they only have to contact us and we will visit them to assess whether they qualify for an assisted collection.”

To apply for an assisted collection, call the council on 01395 517 528.”