How is the cost of living affected you? we hear from people in Exmouth

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We asked people in the Magnolia Centre what changes they've had to make to the cost of living. - Credit: Adam Manning.

Last week saw the launch of our new money matters campaign. 

Each week we'll be giving out local tips and advice on how people can cope in East Devon. This week we've been out in Exmouth town centre asking local residents if they've noticed a squeeze in the cost of living. 

April 1 saw the first day the cap will rise - by 54 per cent - which will see the next bills for UK households rise.

From the start of the month, a raft of tax rises and reductions in state pandemic support was forecast to increase costs for businesses and, ultimately, lead to higher prices for their customers.

Here are some thoughts of Exmouth residents currently struggling with the cost of living.

Sue Matthews, 45, told the Journal: "I have noticed a rise in everything at the moment. Electric and gas bills, but even food and petrol in the supermarkets, wages have gone up too but it's still not enough."

Gordan Down, from Porky Down Butchers, said: "Our electric bill has seen the biggest rise, but everything is rising as well. Paying business rent and utilities as well as our own personal bills is hard but all we can do is keep plodding on and riding it out."

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Sophie Beale, 25 from Exmouth said: "Everyone is feeling the squeeze at the moment. Doing their bit to use less electricity and heating. We are all in the same boat and all we can do is keep carrying on and hope it ends soon."

Another Exmouth resident, 61 said: "I'm a very savvy shopper, I like to shop around a get the best deal but I have noticed the price of things in the shops has risen. We also tend to use the car less these days and put on a dressing gown on instead of heating. Built everyone is struggling right now and doing their bit to use less."

The new campaign coincides with the 'There With You This Winter' campaign which ran from October last year to help people In East Devon struggling over winter with fuel poverty. 

To find more about our new 'Money Matters' campaign see the launch article