‘Consider your neighbours’ - Exmouth police urge youths

Exmouth police are urging young football players to consider the community before kicking a ball. The police said anyone causing a nuisance to neighbours will be moved on.

Brixington youngsters playing football on grass near homes in Vansittart Drive are being asked by police to consider residents.

Exmouth police said that youngsters found causing any disruption, or posing a nuisance to those living in nearby homes, will be moved on.

Brixington Police community support officer Chris Ball has urged parents of playing youngsters to keep on eye on their children and ensure they respect local residents and their property. PCSO Ball said: “It has been brought to police attention that youngsters play football on a green grass area along this road.

“There is no immediate concern for the youngsters being here, as far better than have them play on the road. But it has been asked that they considerately respect residents’ property and do not kick footballs against any fencing in the area, and keep their behaviour to a civilised level.

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“They may get asked to move from the area if they are going to cause any problems.”

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