Concern raised over development

SCORES of people have voiced their opinion over plans for a housing development to be built, which could merge Exmouth with Lympstone.

SCORES of people have voiced their opinion over plans for a housing development to be built, which could merge Exmouth with Lympstone.

Speaking after a presentation by developers Strategic Land Partnerships at a Lympstone Parish Council meeting, held on Monday, November 16, Don Mildenhall, chairman of the village hall management committee, said he was concerned about the proposals.

He said: "There is a feeling it is very inappropriate, on the edge of our parish with little - if any - benefit for the people who live here.

"The one constraint most evident to me in the presentation was transport - the problems of pouring hundreds of more cars a day on to the already overloaded A376."

Simon Prior, who lives in the village, said he was unimpressed by what was said by representatives from Strategic Land Partnerships.

County Councillor Bernard Hughes, who also attended the meeting, added: "There seemed to be a lack of knowledge on their (Strategic Land Partnerships) part as to what is actually happening in the area.

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"He (Mr Seaton) was asked about Cranbrook, for example, and said that it probably wouldn't go ahead.

"If he kept his ear to the ground he would find, and I think I'm right in saying, that the Government has just made money available to start putting the infrastructure on to the site.

"The county council and so on, have made arrangement for schools, roads and community centres.

"Therefore, I've always understood it that the Cranbrook new town site would soak up the demand that is being created in the area.

"I'm aware that many people have always wanted to develop small developments in the village and been told 'no, Cranbrook will supply that demand."

"It is common knowledge that with the land left behind by Rolle College, there are 17 sites which could be developed.

"I'm aware of one in Cyprus Road, where there is anything up to 200 apartments planned for one site.

"Two hundred apartments in Exmouth would equal what this developer wants to do with this land."

Tony Priest, headteacher of Lympstone primary, said his school was over subscribed.

"If there were 200 new dwellings, based on local authority calculations, there would be approximately 50 more children in need of joining our school.

"We have no room for five more children at the moment, never mind 50!

But, Mr Priest added: "It doesn't mean we couldn't do anything - if there was further building work done here at the school.

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