Community group improves Brixington

PRESSURE from a community group has secured a second dog bin at the top of Brixington Lane.

PRESSURE from a community group has secured a second dog bin at the top of Brixington Lane.

Members of BIG - The Brixington Improvement Group - were so concerned about overflowing dog-waste they lobbied the district council to install a second bin.

BIG is made up of residents, local councillors, Brixington traders and the police, and has been consulting with the local community about improvements they would like to see for their area.

And they have they have praised Street Scene of East Devon District Council for the installation which is next to the existing one.

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Cllr David Chapman of BIG said: "We have been working with Brixington residents to find out their views - the problem of overflowing dog bins was highlighted as one of the major concerns for the Brixington area.

"Following on from this, the system for collecting the bins was improved a few weeks ago and so far has been working well.

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"The dog bin at the top of Brixington Lane was overflowing even with regular collection, due to the high numbers of people walking their dogs along this route and correctly using the bin provided.

"There was a proven need for extra dog bin capacity and we are extremely pleased with the positive response of both EDDC and Street Scene."

An EDDC spokesman said: "There was very heavy usage of the single dog bin in this area and it was important to address the issue to prevent any future overflow. We have therefore installed a second dog waste bin in this location and so far the situation seems to be much improved."

There are 100 bins in East Devon and bins are emptied at least three times a week, while a designated 'roving' dog-bin supervisor ensures the bins are emptied, all over the town.


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