Colony waste row

n response to the article in last week’s Journal, “Council offers aid in Colony rubbish row”.

The council IS aware of the problems of the gull sacks.

The gull sacks blow open with the wind and the gulls get into them and strew rubbish all over our pavements, it is not just a matter of overloaded sacks, as they well know.

Officers need to stop slapping themselves on the back, telling themselves how well they have done, and deal with the complaints they are receiving instead of denying they are receiving them.

I am still awaiting a reply to my letter to the Chief Executive dated April 23 2011.

The Chief Executive wrote to me on April 18, 2011 stating, “The wheeled bins were introduced on a trial basis in 2003 to establish whether they were a viable option for the district and whether they had a positive effect on littering after bags were attacked by vermin and seagulls. The trial was successful in achieving these aims and was the basis for their introduction throughout the district”.

I wrote back, “Yes, the residents of the Colony were delighted at receiving wheeled bins in April 2003 and they definitely did have a positive effect on reducing littering after bags were attacked by vermin and seagulls.

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Here, on the Colony, we are now back to the situation of having bags attacked by vermin and seagulls, but, this time, not only on collection day, but every day of the week.”

EDDC should try working with us instead of against us all the time.

I understand from the EDDC website that, in Beer, they are doing a trial of also recycling cardboard (in what looks like sacks) and a few more plastics to go in our green bins.

I’m all for more recycling and am sure the majority of the residents are, but not to the detriment of our lovely town with the way EDDC chooses to do their collections.

If EDDC don’t listen to the complaints from the residents of Beer, as well as the praises, and sort out the problems they have already caused in areas, we’re in for even more degraded areas.

Please, EDDC, don’t let Devon go to waste!

Wendy O’Brien

The Colony, Exmouth

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