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PUBLISHED: 01:01 27 March 2008 | UPDATED: 08:55 10 June 2010

EXMOUTH Community College used to seem like a good school to which to send your children because the head teacher has improved various things. However, from being a student at the sixth form at the college, I have discovered the school is more worried a

EXMOUTH Community College used to seem like a good school to which to send your children because the head teacher has improved various things. However, from being a student at the sixth form at the college, I have discovered the school is more worried about its reputation, rather than giving children a good education.Those who are struggling at A Level and not getting the anticipated grades should not be made to enter themselves into examinations and pay hundreds of pounds. They should have equal rights, no matter what their grade and no matter how it seems to be showing up the college. In my opinion, Exmouth Community College is turning into a school like Colyton Grammar. I do not think this should be happening. Every child has a right to learn and this school, being the biggest, should welcome the largest number possible, no matter what their level. B Martin,35 Belle Vue Road, Exmouth.CANOEISTS WITH A SCARY DOGI AM sure it always sounds like dog owners are being criticised and berated and generally moaned about and, as a dog owner myself, I get fed up with it. However, this is not an untargeted general moan - this is aimed at the two canoeists who landed on the sandbank, known as Bull Hill, on Monday, March 17, and allowed their dog to run around on the sandbank, scaring not only the birds, but also the seal which had been lying content there for a least the past hour.I'm sure you know who you are and I hope you are embarrassed by your behaviour, allowing your dog to run amok, and that you are at this moment seeking either dog training classes or a better dog lead.If not, just try doing the same thing again in the summer when there will be many more people out and about on the river - people who will be as unimpressed as I am.Helen Newton,(via email).STOP SCORING POLITICAL POINTSI was pleased to hear at last from Sara Randall Johnson in last week's Exmouth Journal, as she attempted to justify the way East Devon District Council is handling the proposed regeneration of Exmouth. Sadly, yet again, we have the mantra that somehow an increased majority in the May 2007 elections reflects some "silent majority" and their wish to dominate the gateway to Exmouth and the Jurassic Coast with a massive supermarket and potentially to regularly clog with traffic the A376 from the bus station roundabout in Exmouth to Clyst St George. Personally, I don't remember hearing anything about this from any Tory manifesto at the time, nor that they would be ignoring the 10,000 person petition from only the previous year (and supported by Hugo Swire), which agreed the estuary site was not appropriate for such a large supermarket.And again we have the usual excuse of 'commercial sensitivity' to limit the electorate's access to information that will impact them for decades to come. Amazingly, the article still gave no indication of any comprehensive process to consult the people of Exmouth, nor any attempt to explain to us how the town centre proposals tie in with the proposal for ASDA. As to the so-called "years of indecision and inactivity", it is my understanding that many ideas put forward by the previous town council were ignored by EDDC or never funded. It's a great shame the leader of EDDC seems intent on scoring political points on such an important issue for the town. Am I being too cynical to wonder why money has suddenly become available now that we have a majority of Tory town councillors? We shall soon discover if these new councillors see their role as working for Exmouth council taxpayers, or whether they will just follow the party line dictated by their masters in Sidmouth.Even more amazingly, however, in last week's Exmouth Herald, in an article on the Boundary Commission's review of local government in Devon, Councillor Randall Johnson states: "People can rest assured that uppermost in our minds will be protecting the unique environment and ambience of East Devon." Perhaps she could inform us how this will apply to the estuary site in Exmouth? And perhaps we could also have a little less indecision from EDDC regarding the consultation process regarding this major redevelopment in Exmouth?Mike Hinds,The Brambles, Cranford Avenue, Exmouth.MY FRIEND, MARTINI just want to tell you about my friend. If there ever was an award for 'Friends of Exmouth', it would, without doubt, be Martin Lai.He has, over the years, helped countless organisations to raise funds for charity, whether calendars for the blind, football shirts for kids etc, etc. Nothing was too small or too large to help.Thank you Martin. I'm honoured to know you.Pat Williams,Exmouth Animal Dispensary,30 The Strand, Exmouth.TWO SITES FOR DEVELOPMENT...There are two sites in Exmouth that are ripe for development, but have been ignored in the discussions on Exmouth's 'regeneration':1. Between Market Street and The Parade is an area of about 20,000 square feet - virtually unused, wind blown and tatty, crying out for development. How about: (a) a multi-storey car park, closed outside working hours, (b) a town centre food-only supermarket, perhaps an extension of Somerfield, say, on two storeys, or (c) a pedestrian precinct like Fleet Walk in Torquay.2. The Police Station and/or former magistrates' court. The new Library could be built here, still in the heart of the community, not on the estuaryside, which would be the other side of a busy main road. Perhaps a survey can be done to establish the users' catchment area and their preference for the site of a new library.Derek Farndon,17 Ivydale, Exmouth.SELFISH DRIVERI was absolutely horrified on Sunday to see a car hit a cat outside Tesco on Salterton Road. I was even more horrified to see the driver continue as if nothing had happened. We pulled over in the car and found the cat dead in a hedge. I am absolutely disgusted at the driver's selfishness and inconsiderate behaviour. I hope you read this and feel ashamed. Name and address withheld.NO FOR THIRD ROAD?When Exmouth is "unlocked", what will we have let in? More traffic, more noise, more empty shops! What next? What about that third road into Exmouth that we fought against years ago?G W Curtis15 Grenville Road, Exmouth.

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