Coastal concerns

I write concerning recommendations that were made to East Devon’s Overview and Scrutiny Co-ordinating Committee.

The recommendations were agreed by councillors in a forum held on January 20.

These recommendations include reducing coastal protection work to monitoring only; restricting flood prevention spend to statutory works only; cutting spending on sand dune netting and re-planting at Exmouth beach

While I accept the need to manage reducing budgets, I am also concerned that vital services will be maintained. I remain to be convinced that necessary budgetary savings cannot be made by reducing staff, resources and systems not needed in order to maintain these services.

In the light of projected climate change and rising sea levels, these proposals seem very shortsighted. Reduction of netting to the sand dunes is particularly concerning – and likely to save comparatively little money.

According to the Environment Agency, the sand dunes and wall at the Maer currently reduce tidal flood risk to a 1 in 200 chance of occurring in any year. These defences provide flood protection for up to 50 properties, as well as local roads. Flood risk will increase as sea levels and storminess increase. Even if we maintain defences at their current height, by 2110 annual overtopping would occur

Further information concerning flood risk can be obtained from

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Mike Rosser – Independent Green

17 Garratt Close


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