Cllr Hall: bid for FoI answers

It seems the Longboat Juggernaut is about to start rolling again, against the wishes of so many residents in Budleigh Salterton.

It seems the 'Longboat Juggernaut' is about to start rolling again, against the wishes of so many residents in Budleigh Salterton.

As reported on March 25, a meeting held in the Peter Hall was well supported, indicating the ground swell of public opinion against the project.

It appears East Devon District Council is so keen to approve the plans, it has taken to removing opposition from the planning committee, as witnessed by the abrupt removal of Cllr Hall, the only one of our local representatives to raise his head above the parapet. Cllrs Franklin and Florey, having supported the plans, now sit on their own.

On November 1, I wrote to EDDC, quoting the Freedom of Information Act, requesting information regarding Cllr Hall's removal.

After having been bounced from one department to another, I finally received a letter, dated February 4, to the effect that our right to know did not apply, and that Cllr Miss Randall Johnson states: "The Conservative Group on EDDC has never commented on any appointment to council committees or outside bodies as these are decisions taken internally."

Apparently, no minutes were taken. What price democracy and what price the Freedom of Information Act when we have people like Cllr Randall Johnson removing opposition to the plans to impose the proposed monstrosity on us.

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I appeal to residents, if you love Budleigh for what it is, and do not wish to have our seafront and shelter ruined, make your own feeling known. Write to your councillors, write to the Budleigh Journal, write to Clinton Devon Estates, (which has the power to veto), look at the position of the proposed new shelter, which can only detract even more from the views, but do not just sit back, and thus let EDDC ride rough shod over our town.

Peter Bashford,

33 East Budleigh Road,

Budleigh Salterton.

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