Church makeover underway

The final phase of St Peter’s Church maintenance programme is well under way.

The Reverend Anne Charlton has said there will be ‘minimal’ disruption.

Gutters and down pipes will be stripped, repaired and repainted, while the step to the south-west door will also be repaired.

The most disruption will come from the resurfacing of the main gateway into the church.

It is planned to dig out an area of about five metres and relay it with granite block which will slope gently towards the road.

After this, the gates will open and close more easily and there will be gentle camber into the churchyard.

It follows the recent re-roofing of the vicar’s vestry.

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Reverend Charlton said: “This will cause some disruption but we hope to keep this to a minimum.

“While this work proceeds, vehicle access will be greatly restricted.”