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In response to Margaret S Yerrell s personal attack on me in last week s Journal, I would suggest she checks out the Open Europe web site.

In response to Margaret S Yerrell's personal attack on me in last week's Journal, I would suggest she checks out the Open Europe web site. There she will find reports of everything that goes on in the meeting of European Commissioners and MEPS et al. There are things going on which give even the calmest of people nightmares, never mind imaginings.

The suggestion that criticism of the EU be deemed blasphemy was actually made by a Spanish High Court judge, and is no imagining of mine. Ms Yerrell's assertion that an institution cannot be blasphemed against is absolutely correct, which makes the esteemed judge's suggestion even more startling.

If we really are going to get some of our money back for entrepreneurs, that's fine. However, imagination is a wonderful thing, and I recommend that Ms Yerrell let hers loose on just how much we could do for ourselves in this country with the �45 million per day we currently pay to the EU, if we were unfettered by the miles of EU red tape, which currently strangle us.

Speaking of nuggets of information, there is an interesting one in last Thursday, issue of Open Europe. It reports that unemployed European Citizens living in the UK can claim benefits in Britain for the children they have living in their home countries. Justify that for me, Ms Ferrell, would you please?

Mrs Ann Prior,

75 Egremont Road,

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