Charity waste?

Am I the only person to feel inundated by a constant stream of plastic bags from charities looking for my old clothes?

Over the past 12 months, I have had 54 bags from 19 separate charities drop through my letterbox.

When I’ve put the empties back out for collection, they have just remained outside my door. I have long since given up littering my own doorstep with them.

Since putting a polite notice on my letter box asking that no more charity bags are delivered here, they have continued to arrive at the rate of about one a week.

The notice on my letterbox is now somewhat larger and less polite. This makes me feel uncharitable, but I am just sick of a never-ending stream of plastic bags.

Surely, there must be a better way for charities to deal with this?

Assuming my home is fairly typical of Exmouth, this would mean that something in the region of half a million plastic bags are delivered to the town each year.

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Heaven knows how that figure multiplies up across the nation.

I cannot help but feel that our charitable donations could be used in a better way than subsidising plastic bag manufacturers.

Dave McHutchison

(via email).