Charity’s appeal to Exmouth residents

A CHARITY is calling on Exmouth residents to help them raise �100,000 each day over a two week period.

From now until December 11, all Red Cross charity shops are taking part in a �100k-a-day challenge, hoping to raise more than �1.4 million in a fortnight.

The Red Cross shop, on The Parade, Exmouth, will be contributing towards the challenge by holding a fundraising raffle and putting up a display celebrating the important role the charity played during World War II.

As well as taking part in the raffle during the fortnight, customers will be able to inspect the display of Red Cross memorabilia.

It includes a World War II Red Cross uniform, being kindly lent to the shop by local author Arthur Cook, who has collected military memorabilia for several years.

Some of the pieces have been featured in his recently published book, Exmouth at War.

The book details how The Red Cross First Aid Post (F.A.P) and ambulances were stationed at the Cranford Club, Exmouth.

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These could be sent to the scene of an air raid or other emergency, with Red Cross Mobile V.A.D. (Voluntary Aid Detachment) and Mobile F.A.P. (First Aid Party) personnel.

Both men and women were trained to drive the ambulances and took teams of first aid trained volunteers to the scenes of air attacks.

Six ambulances in total were available in Exmouth; three equipped to take walking wounded, seated injured and another three equipped to take seriously injured and stretcher cases.

Bystock House was a hospital for rehabilitating soldiers and airmen during the war.

The patients were mainly Polish and a large number of them were airmen or were wounded at the battle of Monte Casino in Italy.

The Immobile V.A.D. (Red Cross permanent hospital staff) carried out the general nursing duties at the hospital.

Today, the Red Cross runs a number of services in the area including short-term loans of medical equipment, such as wheelchairs for people with a disability or illness and a range of first aid courses training people in life-saving skills, so they can respond to emergencies in their communities.

Red Cross shops are a vital source of funds to continue the charity’s essential work.

With more than 320 across the UK, they are responsible for approximately 11 per cent of total British Red Cross fundraising.

The charity shop relies on donations from members of the public in order to raise valuable Red Cross funds to help vulnerable people in crisis in the UK and abroad.

Clothing, discarded gifts, housewares, books and DVDs can all be converted into income for the Red Cross.

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