Charity regrets closing weekend lunches

AN Exmouth charity has said that it regrets having to close down its weekend lunch service for the elderly.

Age Concern Exmouth used to serve lunches seven days a week at Landon House, but the Saturday and Sunday lunches were stopped in January.

Now a former user of the service has expressed his disappointment that it was stopped.

Roy Marshall, 82, from Rosebery Road, said: : “A lot of our people were upset that we could no longer go there for Saturday and Sunday lunch, including one regular who is in her 90s.”

In response, Steve Dace, chief officer of Exmouth Age Concern, said that he was saddened that Mr Marshall had felt the need to contact the Journal, and invited him to meet him to discuss the issue.

Mr Dace said: “When the service was originally set up, it was supported by grant funding.

“Grant funding for such long-term projects is never a bottomless financial pit and, as with most projects of this nature, there is an expectation the service will, at some point, be capable of funding itself without grant support.”

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Mr Dace said that the combination of falling attendance and rising running costs had meant that the weekend lunches could no longer be funded.

“Sadly, the sums no longer add up and, regrettably, we ceased that service.”

Age Concern continue to offer lunches on weekdays, from noon to 1pm at Landon House in New North Road.

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