Chapel Hill: waste of money

PUBLISHED: 02:01 05 June 2008 | UPDATED: 09:06 10 June 2010

I Am glad to know that Devon County Council will consult the public again before deciding to alter the Chapel Hill roundabout in Exmouth. I was not aware we had been consulted already who are the people who have been deciding matters on our beha

I Am glad to know that Devon County Council will consult the public - again - before deciding to alter the Chapel Hill roundabout in Exmouth. I was not aware we had been consulted already - who are the people who have been deciding matters on our behalf?I think this project is a waste of taxpayers' money and will not enhance Exmouth's attraction to tourists. Let's remove the awful fountain, plant some trees and continue with the excellent floral displays. Why have another "community space" surrounded by traffic and all its fumes when the Manor Gardens are so near?Let's put this £400,000 towards pedestrianising The Strand or replacing lost facilities for the disabled, or using Rolle College for education purposes - or any one of many more deserving projects.Derek Farndon,11 Ivydale, Exmouth.VANDALISM IS NOT UNDER CONTROLWhat has happened to Exmouth? What with all the talk of supermarkets, new layouts of roads etc, I am more worried about the security of the centre of town.Again I find someone (late-night revellers) has vandalised the dispensary van - two new wing mirrors, new aerial and windscreen wipers. I could go on and on.Do they realise that by trashing the animal dispensary van they're taking money away from unwanted animals, their upkeep and the help we give to people to pay their pet bills.I am sick and tired of hearing that we have got late-night vandalism under control. You should live here!Instead of putting money into new roads (which we don't need), how about giving the money to the police so they can make this town a safer place for the people who live here and visitors, too?I feel very angry, but so very sad. This is my Exmouth and I don't know it anymore.Pat Wilkins,Exmouth Animal Dispensary.SAFER FOR CHAPEL HILL PEDESTRIANSI fully support Devon County Council's Chapel Hill redevelopment plans. They will assist pedestrians, including school children, to cross what currently is a very wide road. They could also cut out a favourite chicane of the boy racers. Bentley's petrol will not be missed, nor would their delivery lorries and vans. Indeed, it could enable a more appropriate use for that site, such as a national chain restaurant and low-cost homes for locals. Any walker knows change is needed - only car drivers think it's not.William Prendergast,8 Louisa Terrace, Exmouth.PLIGHT OF CHAPEL HILL BUSINESSESThis letter is in response to an article published on Thursday in the Exmouth Journal and signed by John Bentley of Bentley's Garage.Let it be known that the Bentley's Garage owners do not represent the people of Chapel Hill - they are the only business with such great objections to the project. We must support one another. There are so many businesses which have been opened and closed within the past year. The struggles of small businesses and restaurants have become none of their concern. We need an influx of people walking through Chapel Hill and more activities in Manor Gardens to attract some sort of interest in small cafes and restaurants.Why should more money be spent on the Magnolia Centre and not Chapel Hill? All small businesses on Chapel Hill pay just as much council tax, but there is no business to show for it and therefore it is a struggle. We do not get lunch trade in this area as all the pedestrians tend to stay in the Magnolia Centre. The East Devon highway committee would have considered all safety aspects of this project.If Bentley's Garage owners could suggest any other way to encourage more passing trade for the businesses on Chapel Hill without this project, we would be willing to listen. Jenny Evans,(Fellow Trader),Branzino's, Exmouth. CHAPEL HILL PLANS WOULD BRING FUNREGARDING your article and readers' letters about the Chapel Hill pedestrianisation plans.It would appear the people who are contributing to the letters page are all against the proposals for Chapel Hill. Arguments against range from the fact that the flowers on the roundabout look nice to the fact that one person does not want the proposal to happen because it may upset his visits to the car showroom. Neither of those arguments really stands up against the good the plans would bring to Exmouth. Pedestrianising the hill would be fantastic for the town. It would get rid of that complete eyesore of a roundabout, it would allow people to walk to Manor Gardens and not be in fear of being run over (because the pedestrian crossing is miles away from where pedestrians cross) and it would bring some fun and vibrance to the town. Pedestrianise Chapel Hill? Yes, please.Nigel Cunningham,6 Alexandra Terrace, Exmouth.WHERE WILL PO CLOSURES END?I think the latest round of closures by the post office is really awful. Where will it all end? We lost our local post office at East Budleigh ages ago and things have never been the same since. Then the one at Otterton went and now our next nearest, at Greenway Lane, Budleigh Salterton, is to go. One hand is telling us to reduce our car journeys and the other is making us travel further by closing our post offices. All seems a bit stupid to me. Ken Taylor, 2 Rolle Terrace, East Budleigh.CHAPEL HILL NEEDS MORE CUSTOMERSIN response to a letter from John Bentley in last week's Journal, please let it be known that the owner of Bentley's Garage does not represent the people and the businesses of Chapel Hill.We must support all local business in the area. Within the past 12 months so many businesses have been closed. Why? The answer is a lack of pedestrians. We need an influx of pedestrians through Chapel Hill. We need more attractions in Manor Gardens to draw people to this area. Why should the Magnolia Centre have more money spent on it? Why can't we extend the pedestrian areas and give people a choice of places to go? Some people do not know that Chapel Hill exists - they think Exmouth is the Magnolia Centre and the charity shops.The highway comittee would have considered every aspect of road safety when considering this project.We are all struggling to pay the Council Taxes. I am in favour of the project and so are many other businesses - it will give us the boost we need. Jenny Evans,(via email). EDITOR'S MESSAGE: we have been asked by Anna Topliss, of Marpool Crescent, Exmouth, to point out that she did not write a letter about lap dancing, which appeared in a previous edition of the Exmouth Journal.

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