Changes considered to busy T-junction in Budleigh Salterton

A ROUNDABOUT is one of the options being explored to make a busy road in Budleigh Salterton safer.

The suggestion, from a member of the Ottery Valley Association, is with reference to a T-junction on the B3178 where there are connections to Knowle and East Budleigh linked to the major Budleigh-Exmouth road.

Volunteers from the association surveyed traffic movements at the junction last year on behalf of Budleigh Salterton Traffic Group.

This was after residents in Knowle complained to the town council about the noise and pollution which can be created when traffic tails back into the village. Some residents believe the T-junction can cause a bottleneck.

A spokesman for the Otter Valley Association said: “Re-shaping the junction to eliminate the slip road and realigning the Knowle road would be an obvious minor change.

“It would also stop the handful of drivers who use the slip-road to jump the queue of right-turning traffic – a manoeuvre as ill-mannered as it is dangerous.

“Only some form of roundabout could more fairly share the delays, more in line with the traffic volumes.

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“At first sight, there is a sufficient space within the present triangular area to accommodate a reasonable roundabout, but this is a matter for the county professionals.”

He added: “The junction has a reputation for being ‘difficult’ – the minor road joins the major one on an incline and a slight angle, giving poor sight-lines and stiff necks.

“Surprisingly, the junction does not have a poor accident record, possibly because drivers take extra care.”

The spokesman said a number of near-misses were observed, often caused by waiting drivers on the Knowle road misinterpreting the intentions of traffic approaching from the right.

“The prospects for any change in the present economic climate seem slim, but at least now we have some facts to support any case that needs to be made.”