Centre Stage are just brilliant

I had the privilege of attending the amazing performance of Oklahoma by our brilliant Centre Stage.

Those young people acted, sang and danced with an energy and enthusiasm, which left the audience breathless, so what it did to them I cannot imagine.

Every time I see them, I wonder if they can be as good as last time and every time they are. We are lucky to have such talented young people in our town. Long may they continue, and those who did not support this time try to do so for their next performance; they are well worth it.

We should, as a community, thank them for the hard work and hours of practise that it has taken them to get this degree of sheer professionalism. But thanks should also go the ex-members who help to run the organisation, with help from others who did not have that luck, and also the parents for their encouragement and willingness to support the cast; anyone who has had a child involved in any out-of-school activity will know the effort involved (I know; I’ve been there too). Without this partnership, the shows could not happen.

Long may they continue. How a small town like ours can have so much talent is astonishing, and that it is discovered even more so.

It makes me proud to be a part of this place.

Cllr Jean Mitchell,

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