Cease moaning...

I was minded to reply to Mike Fairclough’s comments regarding my views on the “Asda issue” and Exmouth’s subsequent “getting its just desserts” over The Strand debacle.

Mr Fairclough takes some pains to inform readers of my being “on record” in the Journal internet forums as “not voting” and therefore “morally excluding myself from being able to comment on such issues”.

I feel that Mr Fairclough’s delusion as to the operation of a democracy would actually put me in a stronger position to offer my opinion on such things.

We are all lucky, if that is the correct wording, to live in a democracy, with the right to vote into power, people in whom we entrust a “mandate” to act on our behalf in running the country in a manner “we see fit”.

In a similar way, we have the right to give local politicians a mandate to run our councils “as our representatives”. This mandate that we entrust them with, is based on our trust in them as individuals or as a cohesive group to act in our best interests.

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However, in not voting, I give no one my trust and I give no one a mandate to do anything on my behalf, thus I reserve the right to pass my comment/opinion on the actions of those who have been imbued with “power” by a hoodwinked electorate.

As we have recently seen, in both the Asda debacle and the subsequent destruction of the Strand Gardens, the democratic process is subverted by those who have given others a mandate, and then subsequently disagree with the actions of those they have given power to.

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Sadly, you cannot “have it both ways”, so perhaps the likes of Mr Fairclough and those others who have put their mark in the ballot papers, should actually cease to moan about what is being done in their name.

I R Woolger

5 Park View, Wotton Lane, Lympstone.

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