Cat squats in Newton Poppleford tree house

Black cat may have been missing for two months

A BLACK cat has taken up residence in a tree house in Exmouth Road, Newton Poppleford.

The feline squatter could have been missing from home for up to two months, says cat lover Lydia Sessions, who wants to know if anyone has lost a male cat with bright green eyes.

She said: “He has been living in my partner’s tree house. I live across the road with my cat and have seen him wandering around.

“Nick noticed he was in the tree house a lot of the time and realised he was living there. It its quite a large children’s tree house, going from the ground into the tree, and is stuffed with deckchair cushions, so he is quite comfortable.”

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While the cat, which Nick and Lydia are calling Jeff - “but he is not responding to it” - is enjoying the good life, being fed as well as housed, Lydia says she is concerned for its health in the cold weather conditions.

“We would like to make sure it doesn’t belong to someone before we take further action,” she said. “We have already checked out the missing cat notice at Woodleys shop, Colaton Raleigh and it is not that one.”

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If you have lost a cat fitting this description call Lydia on 07704376199 or email her at

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