Carbuncle worry

REGARDING the proposed Strand pavilion.

I was glad to see from both the letters and an article in your edition of February 10, that there has been considerable opposition to the above proposal.

As the “Big Society” comes into operation and decisions are to be delegated to local people, ie our own “People Power”, I trust that the opposition, by the surrounding cafes, shops and by discerning individuals, will be allowed to prevail.

Personally, I have held back from expressing my own disapproval hitherto, since I have lived in Exmouth for only 10 years and I thought that the decision should left to Exmothians born and bred.

However, I tried to attend the “consultation” at Exmouth Town Hall on Tuesday, January 5, only to discover that your Journal had printed an incorrect day and the meeting was to take place the day following, when I was unable to attend.

If that was the only time available for “public consultation”, then it was far too short – probably the usual councillors’ trick of “Divide and Rule”.

In my opinion, as an artist and a person of good taste, the Strand Gardens do not need to be embellished by any building, just more flowers and trees, and the structure proposed is totally out of keeping with the background of the traditional country town architecture which surrounds the square.

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As I have already mentioned to our mayor and some of our town councillors, and quoting Prince Charles, it would resemble “a carbuncle on the face of a friend”.

Such a structure would be far better placed against a background of simple straight lines and curves, such as an information and visitor centre on the seashore.

I am sending a copy of this letter to County Councillor Christine Channon, whom I know personally, since I understand from you article that this Strand monstrosity of an idea emanated from County Hall.

Janet T Sawyer

57 Hamilton Lane, Exmouth.

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