Car permit upset

East Devon car permits — from March 31, 2011. I am writing with regard to the above permit, which I have taken out with East Devon for a number of years.

This year, we were informed we were not able to park on the seafront because Devon County Council, which had been given this parking facility from East Devon District Council, was no longer allowing this concession to East Devon permit holders. Then, in April, came the notice in the Exmouth Journal informing us that, if we had purchased our permit before the end of March this year, we would be allowed to do so until the existing permit ran out next March.

I have, therefore, been using my permit to park on the sea front with no worries. Imagine my horror when, today, my husband and I were confronted by a warden down at Orcombe Point who informed us that the situation had now changed again. We were no longer able to park as only permit holders who had purchased permits before the end of February 2011 could avail themselves of this concession.

We have not been told either by letter or any other notice of this decision. Why can’t the county council stay true to its promise? It is only the matter of a month. Are they so hard up it has to penalise the motorist yet again. After all, this seafront did originally belong to Exmouth Town Council. It seems that, by giving this away - first to East Devon and then to Devon CC, we are the losers long term.

I hope that this matter will be resolved to our satisfaction. There must be many others in my position who will feel furious about the way we have been treated.

Mary Savage (Mrs)

5 Morven Drive, Exmouth.